My 4 Favorite Pregnancy Tracker Apps

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The days have crept by since you first received your positive pregnancy test. You’re waiting anxiously for your first prenatal doctor visit. You’re biting your nails in anticipation to hear the sound of your tiny beans heart beat and you cant wait to see the little sprout in your first ultrasound. What can you do to pass the time, and see how your little one is developing?

For starters, you can download a pregnancy tracker!


Realizing that you have a little creature being built inside of you is pretty exciting and out of this world. It’s crazy to think that our bodies are creating new life, and that new life is growing bigger and bigger everyday. How amazing is that? What starts out as a teeny tiny bubbly cell becomes this beautiful and magical little creature when they are finally born. Don’t you wish you could watch them grow within your tummy? Watch as their little heart beats start pumping, their little hands shape into 10 little fingers, and their little face shapes. Wouldn’t it be nice to see your little bundle of joy instead of waiting nine whole months to count all of their fingers and all of their toes? To be able to see their little cheeks and their little nose before their handed to you, all wet and covered? 

Unfortunately, this is not possible. Besides, waiting for the day when we get to meet our little creature helps make the birthing pain a little bearable. Just because you can’t watch your own little baby grow, doesn’t mean you can’t keep track of your little baby’s growth and development. 

A pregnancy tracker app is a great way to keep tabs on your little ones size, what features are forming, and when certain milestones, such as kicking, are going to start. You can also keep track of your growing bump by downloading pictures. 

Here are a few of my favorite baby tracker apps that will help you follow your bean as he or she sprouts into a newborn baby. 

What To Expect



The What to Expect pregnancy app breaks down your pregnancy and baby growth week by week. You can compare your baby’s size to 90’s Nostalgia, fruit, or movie props. The app will track your babies growth, as well as changes to your body during pregnancy. The app is packed with daily articles on baby products, how to pick your baby’s name, choosing child care, and so much more. The app also includes mom group communities that fit your experience. The What To Expect App continues with developmental milestones during your baby’s first year , and even continues into toddler-hood. 

Baby Center Pregnancy Tracker



This app has a lot of similar features to the What To Expect app with your baby’s growth and development including one year after birth, go to articles for helpful information and tips, as well as a mom community. This app includes an area to upload your bump pictures as well as your babies monthly growth after birth. You can create your birth plan, look up food and products that may be unsafe during pregnancy, and research birthing classes. There is also a kick tracker as well as a  contraction timer for the big day. 





This app is part of a series that includes ovulation tracker and baby growth developer. The pregnancy tracker allows you to see your baby’s growth inside the womb, track your health and eating habits, and a count down to your due date. There are also articles available in this app, along with informative videos. This app comes with information regarding postpartum health and support. 

The Bump



The app includes your baby’s growing development as well as informative articles. It includes a planner for preparing for your prenatal care, and you can find reviews on baby products from all major retailers. The baby growth pictures are 3D. You can also set up your baby shower registry through the app. 

Pick Your Own

As you proceed through the app store, you will find that a lot of baby trackers are pretty similar. Try a few out in the first few months to find the one that you really love and works best for you. There are many to choose from, however, these were my top four that I absolutely loved. I am still using the What To Expect app to track my daughters toddler development. It has pretty much answered all of my “is this normal,” concerns and I could not have survived without this app. I also get weekly emails from them that is packed with helpful articles on what to expect when it comes to my toddlers eating habits, preferences, and the dreaded tantrums. 





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