Multi-Parenting; Raising Babies and Pets

I was two days past my due date when our dog had her first seizure. Nothing heightens anxiety like being moments away from popping and having to deal with a medical emergency. Generally, in moments of chaos, I tend to panic. Escalated breathing is usually followed with a bunch of, “What do I do’s,” and then an immediate phone call to my husband. After becoming pregnant, however, something in my brain clicked on and I have gotten a little better at handling difficult situations. I still don’t know if it was the hormones or my motherly instincts.

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Our pup was resting on her favorite chair when I had first checked on her. (I’m weird about my animals, I check on them, I count them to make sure no one escapes, and I always say good bye to all of them before leaving. It’s a thing!) My maternity leave had officially started, and I was over being pregnant. I turned on the television, plopped down on my yoga ball and went to town on a tube of Pringles. Just as I got uncomfortably comfortable, I heard Pup scuffling on the chair. Thinking she was just trying to re-position herself, I took a quick glance over. I had to do a double take. I saw her standing, but something was wrong. I dropped the Pringles and waddled over to her as fast as my pregnant little body would take me. She was shaking uncontrollably; her limbs were locked, and she was drooling excessively. I grabbed my phone, called my husband, swooped her up and ran-walked her out of the door and into the car. It wasn’t until the vet had her stable that I finally collapsed into a full fledged panic attack. I turned into a blubbering, hormonal, pregnant mess right there on the vet clinic floor.

I love my pet’s enough to take their health very seriously. I make sure they get to all of their yearly appointments, that they get enough exercise, and they are eating nutritious foods. It breaks my heart and I get incredibly worried about them when they are ill. I have raised them since they were a puppy and kittens. They are my babies and I love them with every fiber of my being. Yet, as someone who has raised kittens, puppies, and a baby, I will confidently say that human children are by far the hardest to care for. It’s actually pretty hard to compare.

So, I now understand the side ways stares from parents when I said my pets were my kids. Having pet’s is a tremendous responsibility and caring for my furry critters is not always easy. However, it is nothing compared to raising kids. I am aware of this now. With that being said, however, my pets are still my kids.

Yes, I am a mom! I have the honor of wearing that badge proudly after becoming pregnant and giving birth to my beautiful baby girl. I earned my motherhood after numerous sleepless nights, piles of spit up stained t-shirts, loads of dirty smelly diapers, and the multiple times I’ve cried alone in the shower. I am proud to have earned my way into parenthood, but my pets are still very much important to me and I still consider myself their mom.

I care for them, I’ve trained them and dealt with their behavior issues. I feed them and take them to the vet. I meet their needs and sometimes even their wants. Making sure they are cared for is just as important to me as caring for my biological child.


About two years ago, I was confident that we were going to lose my oldest. Yes, I call him my oldest even though he is a cat. I have a history with this guy that is undeniable. He isn’t your typical, everyday cat. He’s cocky, he can be a jerk, and he has an amazing sense of humor. Okay, maybe he is typical, but he’s is my best friend. The thought of having to live with out him hurts my soul. When that thought almost became a reality, it put everything into perspective. Today, he is healthy and thriving. I am blessed to have him in my life.

Our littlest girl was rescued from a hoarding situation when she was just a kitten. She was extremely ill and needed a lot of care when we took her in. For three months, she was treated, medicated, and nursed back to health. A few years later, the only thing that resulted from the dramatic occurrence is her major attitude problem. What can I say, she’s hard! She’s a girl that has been through a lot, so I can’t say that I blame her. As hard as she is though, she can be an amazing big sister to her little human.

Maybe it’s on a whim, maybe it’s a drastic rescue, or maybe it’s a thought-out plan that led you to your furry soulmate. How ever our worlds collided, our pet’s open up a love deep within us that is undeniable. They reside within our hearts and they stay there forever, long after their physical body is gone. To us, they are only here for a short time, but their memories build something within us and we are never the same.

Yes, I am a mother and the love I feel for my daughter is unexplainable. The connection I have with her or any of my future children will never be duplicated. Taking care of her is so very hard. Being a parent is difficult and it’s amazing all at the same time. However, I am also a mom to my pet’s and they will always be my babies too.





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