Anticipating The Holiday Season

It’s that time of year again, when the Holidays role in, we spend more time with family and we battle the chaotic crowds and the traffic. For many people, the Holidays start as soon as black Friday begins. The turkey is all carved and the toys are rolling off the shelf. It’s time to start decorating and putting up the tree. The stockings are being hung, the lights are getting detangled and the snow is starting to fall. It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

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For me, however, the Holidays officially begin in September. No, I am not that person excited to see Christmas decorations before the Halloween candy. I am not a Christmas fanatic. For me, it is like a marathon. I come alive once Autumn rolls in. From that point, I anticipate the crisp air that eventually evolves into a chilled winter, and just when I’ve had enough, Christmas is over and Spring is near. Now that I am a mother, it’s like being a kid all over again as I get to experience the wonders through the eyes of my little girl. I am excited about the traditions I get to pass down to her and I can’t wait to create new ones.

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I’ve been told that Spring brings the world back to life. The snow melts away and the leaves grow back on the tress. Ironically, for me, life starts when everything begins to die. As dreary as that may sound, it’s quite exciting. When the coolness of fall hits and the fog encircles the air, the weariness of the year begins to fade away. The year is coming to an end, it’s almost time to start over and we get to celebrate.

September introduces fall with it’s Apple picking and cider donuts. The warm summer days fade into cool fall nights and I pull out my sweaters, boots and scarves. We start up the fire place for the first time and sip hot cider.

Joy trickles through my veins when I spot the first fall foliage and I wait patiently for October to come. Then it’s Halloween all month long with pumpkin lattes, Halloween candy, scary movies and jack-o-lanterns. I literally lose myself in corn mazes and haunted houses, and I fully embrace all things Halloween.

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My little one is much too young to have experienced all the fun this year or really appreciate fall for that matter, but anticipating her future excitement for apples, pumpkins, and trick-or-treating has me giddy with excitement.

October fades into November, the autumn colors turn to a dark brown and turkeys take up space in our freezers for Thanksgiving. Halloween decorations come down and we skip right into Christmas. At least it seems like it. A few of us slow down the next phase by displaying straw people and turkeys outside our doors. The pumpkins have all been turned in to pie and the smell of home cooking lingers under our noises. We venture home for our first round of family gatherings as we sit around the dinner table.

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This season is flying by with Thanksgiving having already come and gone. Little one got to see Grandma and try her homemade cranberry sauce for the first time. She giggled as her cousins chased each other around the living room and she napped by the warmth of the fire place.

For Christmas we are continuing old traditions. Christmas Eve at Great Grandpas, Christmas morning with Grandma and perhaps Christmas dinner with Grandpa. Little one will meet more of her cousins and extended family, see Santa for the first time and open her first Christmas presents.

I’ll get to start new traditions with our little family, like picking out a Christmas tree, watching Christmas movies, baking cookies and decorating. I’ll stuff her first stocking, take pictures of her in her Christmas dress, and let her try cookie icing.

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Christmas will fade into a cold January, we’ll count down to the New Year, the end of a season will come to a final close and life will begin again. The old us will die away with the wrinkled up wrapping paper and the dried-out needles of the Christmas tree. We’ll blossom like fresh flowers and reinvent ourselves. If we don’t, well, there’s always next September.

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