Messy With A Purpose

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Grab on to your hard hats. I’ve got something exciting coming…



What’s Coming…


I’ve got a goal and a plan coming up in the next year. In order to get there, however, I’ve got a few mountains to climb. Join me on my Journey Forward as I travel this path and construct my next chapter – becoming Messy With A Purpose.


img_9038I turn the page to the next chapter, and I embark on a new adventure. I take a quick glimpse around at my life. I take it in. Who am I? How did I get here? Where am I going? Only time will tell. Come along with me. I’m giving you a ticket to hop aboard this train and journey with me. How can I take my experiences as Messy Mama and utilize them to help the next new mama? Join me on my My Journey Forward as I rebuild and discover my next purpose.



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Who am I? If you a new mother, you may be asking yourself this on a daily basis. Becoming a new mother, for some of us, can leave us lost and unsure of where we are heading. Sometimes we’re not fitting into our role the way we expected. Maybe we are so consumed in our new obligation that we just don’t know who we are anymore. Perhaps we are stricken with Postpartum Depression/Anxiety or we are discovering that we can’t manage our mental illness as new parents. Who are we? How do we move forward? In my post, Who Are You?, I get real about life after baby and finding our purpose as new mothers.



img_9348Unintentionally, we allow the negative voices in our minds hold us back from being our best selves. We aren’t good enough or deserving to go after our dreams. Why even try? In my post, Evicting Negative Thoughts and Building Boundaries, we’re discussing our roles as the landlords of our own minds. We’re the cleaning crew to the unnecessary garbage we keep telling ourselves. It’s time to separate fact from opinion and it’s time to remove all that doubt you keep collecting in your head. We’re evicting the negative thoughts that are holding us back and we’re refusing to let any more negativity in by building boundaries. It’s time to give up the negative self talk, it’s time to stop allowing people manipulate our feelings, and it’s time you understood that you are worth going after your dreams.