‘Bet You Didn’t Know’ Tag

Bet You Didn’t Know

This post is going to be a little different. I had the pleasure of being tagged by my wonderful friend, Jenni, from Housewife Hustle, and challenged to tell you, my readers, a little about myself. If you are an avid follower, you may be biting your nails in anticipation. Who is this Messy Mama?


Since this is a tag about myself, and you, my reader, will be indulging in information you may or may not care about, I want to take this time and thank you, personally, for joining me on this journey. My hope is that I have given you something out of my blog, whether it’s helpful information as a new mama, great reading material for the stay at homie, or even a look into my blogging technique. Maybe, your just here for the connection. Either way, thank you for taking time out of your day to support me and follow along as I put my heart into words.

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Attempting Resolutions As A New Parent

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Becoming a new parent is probably one of the greatest shifts that occur in your entire life time. You go from creating your own schedules outside of work, to managing your day around the needs and care of another human being. It is a dramatic change. Now, you’re struggling with finding time to eat, shower, and getting some time to yourself. Before, you could fill your free time with all of the things you wanted to accomplish. Now, most events require extensive planning. You struggle to work out, to clean, to keep yourself healthy and to have any free time at all.

Setting resolutions as a new parent may leave you feeling discouraged.  How are you going to find time for that 2019 to do list? I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to put off those resolutions until next year. There is still a way to knock a few off this upcoming year. As I head into my first New Years as a Parent, I have some tips that may work for you.


Start Small

If you are a new parent, and haven’t quite settled into your new role just yet, start with a few resolutions. Make a list and pick three that you desperately want to get to. You just went through a dramatic life change. Don’t overwhelm yourself with a long list of things you want to do, or expect to rebuild a whole new you. Focus on a few things and save the rest for next year. Slowly integrate these resolutions into your already new life and be consistent. Repetition will make those changes so much easier. 

Meal Plan

You don’t have to be a “go all out” meal planner to meal plan. As a new mom, I don’t have time to slice and dice, clean, and create. Most easy meals, however, are terrible for you. So what is an over worked and exhausted parent to do? Pre-cut and pre-packaged veggies are my thing. In the produce department, at the grocery store, there is a small section where veggies are cleaned, cut, and packaged by the supermarket employees. Make this your go to, and ta-da, meal planned! I can eat things that I normally would not if I had to slice and dice myself. I can trow some tofu or meat in to a pan, toss in some veggies and add rice and dinner is done.You can mix and match, add sliced veggies into a crock pot or steam them for a side.

If you are processing your own baby’s food, you can dump these veggies right into the food processor. Mix a way and throw extras into the freezer. You’re good to go, Mama.

For lunch, I love a good salad. During the weekend, I create a large bowl of my favorite mixed pre-packaged  greens, pre-chopped veggies or fruits, and place everything into a large food container. Any protein left over from dinner that week, I can toss into my salad and I’ve got a complete and healthy lunch. Nailing it!

Left overs are great for quick lunch time heat ups. When I do make dinner, I’ll cook the entire portion of protein or wrapped veggies so that I purposely have left overs. When I am feeling something other than a salad, or the husband is working late, I just heat up and eat up. Now, if I can just get someone to wash the dishes! Anybody?

Meal planning is made simple with this Rubbermaid 18 pc Food Storage Set

Exercise While Parenting

If one of your resolutions is to get back in shape, don’t feel discouraged because you can’t find time. Get an at home work out DVD you can throw on while the little one plays or naps. Whether its Zumba, Dance, Yoga or an extreme work out, find what ever works for you and cut out a few minutes and press play. Don’t forget the mat, but a comfortable carpet will work to. Can’t stand being inside? Go for a walk or run with the  Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller.

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Get Organized

As a new parent you may still be trying to figure out organizing. If having a cleaner house is one of your resolutions, invest in some great storage. Baskets, bins, drawers, oh my! Get to pinning and put your creativity to the test. Head on over to your favorite Target and invest in some great storage and get your neat on!! Cleaning becomes a breeze when you have a place to toss everything right before company arrives. 


After you organize your house, invest in a good planner, and organize your day. Yes, it is impossible to stick to schedules when you have kids. As your child grows, however, they will settle into different routines. After you recognize your child’s current routine, plan your day accordingly. Where can you fit in exercising, or meal planning. What day works best to organize or pick up. By creating a plan and working it into a schedule, you also create a “deadline.” By giving yourself a deadline or a weekly goal, you can accomplish tasks instead of continually putting them off.

What was your 2018 New Years Resolution? Did you achieve it? Let us know how you did it.


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Passionate Creator Award


What is the Passionate Creator Award?

The Passionate Award was created by none other than my good blogger friend, Kiersty of Caffeine Chaos and Grace. She created this award for bloggers to nominate their peers who go above and beyond. Bloggers who produce a wonderful page with amazing posts but also those who are exceptionally supportive behind the scenes. Bloggers who support their fellow bloggers. Writers who express a great passion for all things blogging and the blogging community. To find out why she created this Award, check out Kiersty’s post.

Rules for the Award:

  • Thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog.
  • Nominate at least 3 other bloggers who have helped you make your way in the blogging community.
  • List 5 things that made becoming a blogger possible for you and/or anything you would recommend to others.
  • List 5 things you wish you had known before you started that might help others looking to create a web-page.

Thank You, Kiersty

I came across Kiersty’s page when  I first started blogging as Messy Mama three months ago. She was the first blogger to be supportive of my writing and really made me feel confident in the direction my page was going. Not only does she read my work regularly, but she continuously tells me how great she thinks I am which means an awful lot to me. I am exceptionally honored to have been considered as one of the first participants of this award. Kiersty is a beautiful Mama who is compassionate, thoughtful and inspiring. Her writing talent shines through in each of her works. Please take some time and go check her out at Caffeine, Chaos, and Grace.


My Nominees:

  • Becca of Becca Blogs It Out – Becca is a mom to twins. She’s honest and she’s relate-able. She blogs about her life as a mother, her struggles with anxiety and real life issues that she faces. She also gives great pointers for new bloggers. I discovered Becca as a very new blogger. I was drawn in because I felt like I could connect with her work, but I also looked to her site for information on dealing with my anxiety as a mother and excelling as a blogger.


  • Sonja of Too Much Character – Sonja is a heart warming, hilarious mama blogger. Her humor shines through her posts and tweets but she also get’s real about our mental health as parents. Another wonderful things about Sonja is that she is so supportive. She takes the time to interact with you and your blog.


  • Micah of ParentalGRIT – I found Micah on Twitter. Even though he had well over a thousand followers, he reached out a hand to a Green Newbie like me. Thanks to a few shout outs and shares, my Twitter followers jumped from single digits to the hundreds. I look forward to his blog posts every week and his comical perception of Fatherhood that helps make parenting a little it easier.

My Answers:

5 things that made becoming a Blogger possible for me.

  • Other Bloggers – I had attempted blogging a few years ago but knew nothing on how to gain views. Year after year of writing, my blog just hung in space. Eventually, I gave up. When I decided to start back up, I discovered how to blog posts from other bloggers. These gave great tips on excelling.
  •  Free courses – Some of these how to blog posts offered free courses to get me started. I watched as many as I could find. This led me to googling more courses and I discovered different tips and ideas I could tailor.
  • WordPress – Being a part of wordpress introduced me to other bloggers. These bloggers helped me gain a network base I could start following on social media and interacting with.
  •  Social Media – People know other people… and that goes on forever and ever. Especially people in your niche. I built an entire network on Social media that helped me build my followers.
  • My baby – I would just be Messy if it wasn’t for my little girl. All of my inspiration comes from my daughter and everything that I am learning as she grows. It is amazing how many life lessons you learn as a parent and that gives me the material I need to keep my page going.

5 things I wish I had known before I started.

  •  Legal pages are necessary! – In all the how to courses, no one told me about Disclaimers, terms of use, copyright, and privacy policies. It is important to research the legal aspect of blogging before you get your page up and running.
  •  You can monetize your blog in so many ways and you don’t have to have millions of followers to do it. Google adds and Amazon affiliate links are a great place to start. I am still learning all about this.
  •  There’s so many ways to customize your website to fit your style. You can add things, group posts together, feature certain writings. There’s thousands to choose from.
  •  Guest posts are a great way to put yourself out there. Ask people to write for your blog or ask to write for someone else’s blog. Just be sure to inquire about a fee. Some people may want to charge you for posting their article.
  •  Find a mentor – I haven’t done this yet but I think it is such a great idea. Do you follow another blogger religiously? Are they extremely successful? Reach out to them, introduce yourself, tell them why you love their blog, and ask them for advice. If they reciprocate, stay in touch. Who knows, maybe you’ll discover a Best Blogger Friend that’ll pass on any knew knowledge to you.