Facing Fear

This post is part of My Journey Forward, a blog series about finding purpose during motherhood, and building motivation as a Stay At Home Parent; to have the ambition and courage to go after our own goals. After all, life doesn’t stop when they place that baby in our hands or when black leggings and dry shampoo become a daily ritual. It’s time to take your dreams off of the back burner. Join me as I rediscover myself as a Stay At Home Mom, crush my goals, and help you find more meaning in your day to day.


Facing Fear

Fear is a funny thing. It can either motivate us or prevent us from moving forward. It can be the driving force behind achieving our goals or it can be the road block that keeps us from trying. What ever roll it plays in our life, it is a constant reminder of either who we are afraid to be, or what we are afraid to do. It lives all around us, reminding us that we are not good enough, and we don’t deserve to be who we want to be. Fear can push us to be good parents, but then remind us that we’re not. Fear can hinder us from going after our dreams, and tell us that there is no point.

How does fear work within your life? 

What is the fear that is holding you back? What keeps you from acknowledging how great you really are? What is keeping you from loving the life you are living? What is preventing you from moving forward? It’s time to recognize what our fears are and label them? We need to dig into the reasons that lay beneath those fears, then it’s time to take them head on. It’s time to face our fears: To remove the block that keeps us stuck, and to find a new motivation that emanates a more positive purpose.

Are you ready?


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Who Are You?

Who Are you?

“Who AM I?”

If you are a new mother, deep in the trenches of this new life you are not accustomed to, there’s a chance you’ve been asking yourself this on a regular basis. It’s been weeks since you’ve had any type of adult interaction, you’re covered in spit up stains and breast milk, you’ve been lugging around this beautiful 8 lb-ish creature, and you may not have seen the direct sun light. Your identity is skewed, lost somewhere between who you once were and the mother you are now becoming. How you once identified yourself has been ripped away and replaced with the responsibility of taking care of another human being. You don’t feel the same. You don’t even recognize the woman who’s been staring back at you when you catch a glimpse of your wrecked self in the mirror. 

Days turn into weeks, weeks into months and as the years pass, our motherly duties become etched into who we are. Our responsibilities as caregivers consume all other labels we may have identified with before, and we get lost in the abyss of motherhood. We put our own goals, aspirations, and dreams on the back burner. Who we are, or who we wanted to be, becomes that pre-pregnancy dress that hangs in the closet. Before we know it, our identity is altered and we find ourselves missing the person we were. Not that we don’t love our children (because we do), but we don’t recognize who we are anymore. We can’t find the time to re-establish us after our child is born. Time ticks on, and before we know it, we’re gathering dust in the darkness, just like that dress.


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My Journey Forward

I was leaning against my kitchen counter, sipping my cold coffee, watching my daughter play, as I tuned in to Dr. Phil. Just about every day I make sure to turn the channel to witness the latest train wreck. I’m not sure why I am so drawn to the show. Perhaps it’s a mixture of things. With an obsession of the human brain, I’ve always wanted to understand the logic behind a frayed disposition and irrational thinking. The show is also a reminder of how my life could have ended up. My story begins the same way as most of the guest who appear on Dr. Phil’s show – A chaotic childhood, unstructured teenage years, and a combination of unfortunate circumstances that could have ended in tragedy and disappear. Psychotic break downs, suicide, neglected children, drug use, … A list of could have been’s, yet, are not.

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